Cocktails and Canoes

The Return of Ryland Episode

June 24, 2022 Kelly and Will Episode 29
Cocktails and Canoes
The Return of Ryland Episode
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It's been a while since we checked in on Ryland while recording ourselves. Checking in on Hawaii racing, any summer plans and asking some listener questions we've been holding onto! #KalaIsLaw 

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Speaker 1 (00:14):


Kelly Schwartz (00:15):

To cocktails and canoes.

Speaker 3 (00:16):

That's right. The podcast for two best friends, with many opinions. Talk about sport that we both love.

Kelly Schwartz (00:22):

We're ke will. So as we start putting more podcasts out, we just want to remind everybody that we are doing this in our free time. So sometimes there will be background noise either we're gonna be at the shop or we're gonna have kids in the background. So we just want you guys to be ready for that. And if that's something that bothers you, maybe you shouldn't be listening to this podcast. <laugh> um, cuz that is who we are today. We get to check in with Redondo beach, California, native Ryland heart again, and see how the Oahu racing and Hawaii racing's going check in on what he is looking forward to this summer and then ask some pending listener questions that we've kind of held onto. And if you did enjoy this episode or any episode we've ever done, please take a second or a minute to go ahead and leave us a review, um, on wherever you listen to your podcast, we would really appreciate it. Thank you. Hello?

Ryland Hart (01:46):


Kelly Schwartz (01:47):

There you are. <laugh>

Ryland Hart (01:49):


Kelly Schwartz (01:50):

What's the passcode, the fuck

Ryland Hart (01:53):

Of her. I know I, and then I know, well silly me. I tried to type in what the heck cuz I thought that was interesting.

Kelly Schwartz (02:05):

That's such a weird passcode. What the heck

Ryland Hart (02:08):


Kelly Schwartz (02:10):

Oh gosh. Um, how will is um, not gonna be making it with us cuz what did he say? He said he had something more important to do about he'll he'll be in the middle of an epoxy layup.

Ryland Hart (02:32):

So apparently a time crunch.

Kelly Schwartz (02:35):

Yeah. Apparently him building three mans pays the bills and our podcast does not. So

Ryland Hart (02:43):

Also gave his priorities straight for,

Kelly Schwartz (02:45):

For we, we got word from a faithful source. Uh, Ryan Cameron, who tried to look for us on Patreon. And so we wanna make an announcement that you should fully type out the entire word cocktails and canoes and not just half of the first word on Patreon and presser. He <laugh>, he says do not do that under any circumstance.

Ryland Hart (03:11):

Do that. Yeah. I don't think you'll find what you're looking for.

Kelly Schwartz (03:18):

Oh my

Ryland Hart (03:18):

Gosh. Oh goodness.

Kelly Schwartz (03:20):

So ha Hawaii racing. Um, yeah, you guys have had some regattas, right?

Ryland Hart (03:27):

Yeah. So, um, okra just started up with all of the regattas again, which has been good to see, um, our team in specific Kala, Kai. Uh, we don't really participate in regatta. Just we're pretty much a distance team and like to stick with that. Um, but the other

Kelly Schwartz (03:45):

Yeah, score doesn't participate in sprint races, either entirety of an association. <laugh> okay, good.

Ryland Hart (03:53):

But yeah, they, uh, looks like they've having a good turnout. I haven't been able to make it over to any, um, but yeah, super cool. And then sounds like we've got like a full distance season lined up coming, starting in like August. Yeah. So that'd be good. Get some old school, like a class of graces, like the duke and the Henry back. Um, sounds like we might Lolo again,

Kelly Schwartz (04:12):

The Henry you know that Bruce got arrested at the Henry, not like at the Henry, he <laugh>, he, it was like he was there for the Henry and it was like, I don't know, a day after the race or before the, it was before the race. And he had stolen something from a store. Like he, like, he like walked out with like a toy, I guess, for, um, and was, I don't know if he was just didn't think about it or if he like meant to do it, he probably meant to do it. He just wasn't thinking. Cause he was a dumb 17 year old 18. He was 18, 18 year old kid and yeah, they took him to the station and had to call Sam to come pick him up <laugh> and so like Sam was fully not thrilled about that situation.

Ryland Hart (05:01):

I'm sure.

Kelly Schwartz (05:02):

And then they made him do men's Molo. Kay. Cuz he had to come back for his court date, appearance.

Ryland Hart (05:07):

What a great way to make the crew. It was like an agency like innovative,

Kelly Schwartz (05:11):

Right? Like if you're gonna make the crew steal a candy from the ABC store

Ryland Hart (05:15):

Or if you don't think you're gonna make the crew steal the candy, so steal the candy, have to bring you yeah. Yeah.

Kelly Schwartz (05:22):

Uh <laugh> our, our, our down our downloads just went down because of Bruce's criminal record. <laugh> um, yeah, the Henry dad center. Right. That's still,

Ryland Hart (05:36):

Yeah. That's uh, that's in conjunction with the Dukes I think. Right? Like the girls do the dad center and then the guys who the duke. Yeah. So that'd be good to see. Um, hopefully you get some more unlimited racing in this season. We're trying to get some of that kick started. Um, which would be cool to see out here. Yeah. More unlimited canoes. Um, but yeah, a lot to, I think keep our eye on and right. You know, cuz I think there's definitely a lot of California teams I would love and teams everywhere that would love to travel out here and start racing again. So right. Everybody should definitely keep their eye on that.

Kelly Schwartz (06:11):

Um, how many, how could you like, do you know how many unlimited canoes are on Oahu? Is that easy to just say that there's like less than 10 or

Ryland Hart (06:20):

There's definitely more than 10. I mean during COVID a lot of people I would say, uh, would like group up five to six people and they would all split one. So like a lot of individuals own, uh, unlimited and then that's cool. In the last six months, a couple teams started buying 'em and then, uh, I know that we're working, um, sort of still in the works, but on a, uh, new racing series. Okay. Um, that's gonna be unlimited only and we're bringing in quite a few for that. Oh cool. Okay. That'll be like available for people either to probab possibly rent and or purchase, um, through like the series yeah. That we're putting on. So, um, gotta be, I, I think as of now I'd say there's probably 30, 40 unlimited and then that number will probably hopefully double in the next year.

Kelly Schwartz (07:10):

Well that's still, that's still a lot like 30 or

Ryland Hart (07:12):

40 it's more than my thought. Yeah. Yeah. And more than two years ago for sure. Right, right. Um, but I mean like Kalo hu Kai, we have five Outrigger has five mm-hmm <affirmative> um, Hulu has quite a few, I know Lonnie, Kai just got one or two. Um, so some of the bigger clubs are starting to get it, which is definitely how the ball gets rolling. Yeah. Um, so it's cool to see, especially cuz I was like pretty young when California started the Outrigger or like the unlimited revolution. Yeah. Um, so I remember that and it's kind of like dejavu seeing it again. <laugh>

Kelly Schwartz (07:46):

Yeah. Will and I were just talking about that last week. I think it was like 2009 or something is when we had like the pickle that was falling apart, that green boat.

Ryland Hart (07:55):


Kelly Schwartz (07:56):

Um, but yeah, but 30, 30, 30 or 40 Unlimiteds is still a lot. Like we, I mean, I guess score as a whole has close to 60 mm-hmm <affirmative> total because our Catalina is unlimited only. Right? Yeah. So it's like, and then you think we have like close to 60 ish, um, registrants and they're not all Melos, they're all unlimited canoes, you know? Um, yeah. But

Ryland Hart (08:23):

Yeah, yeah. You know, it's good. And so, I mean, obviously I'm, I'm more lenient towards unlimited canoes cuz I've always just been for progression, but it also will be nice to get back into some, some Bradley racing and stuff like that under okra. So yeah. I'm excited just to have it all back. You know, I miss racing

Kelly Schwartz (08:41):

Some of my, one of my, one of my most fun race memories was, uh, racing a COA canoe across the, the channel for Naah, with Jojo.

Ryland Hart (08:51):


Kelly Schwartz (08:52):

You know, and that's something we don't get here is we don't have COA canoes here

Ryland Hart (08:55):

At all. Yeah. I've never, never paddled a co it's kind of been my bucket listing thing. I haven't really crossed off yet. Yeah. So I like to do,

Kelly Schwartz (09:04):

That's definitely something really special about it. You don't care about the boats around you or anything, you know, but

Ryland Hart (09:10):

Yeah. You're just in it for the cultural and spiritual part of it, which I think is super rad.

Kelly Schwartz (09:15):

Yeah. No, totally. Yeah. Um, well this week's iron champs. So you guys, how many crews do you have coming out? I know colla blew it on the podcast two weeks ago. Yeah.

Ryland Hart (09:27):

Yeah. Well it wasn't, it definitely wasn't a secret. I think a lot of people thought we were trying to keep it a secret. We just, yeah, yeah. Didn't decide until like two weeks ago that we were coming

Kelly Schwartz (09:36):

<laugh> right, right.

Ryland Hart (09:36):

You did it. Yeah. So, um, yeah, so we're, we were trying to bring three crews. We're only bringing two, we're bringing our open men's team. Uh, so like Kalana and those guys, and then, um, we're bringing a junior team as well, which will be good. That's

Kelly Schwartz (09:50):

Gonna be so cool.

Ryland Hart (09:51):

Exciting. Yeah. So hoping to get them mixed them, at least just to go and like meet stuff with all the other juniors in stuff like that.

Kelly Schwartz (09:59):

Just meeting people and, and yeah. Building relationships back and forth.

Ryland Hart (10:03):

Totally. Um, so, and then I was trying, we fly out, they I'm gonna stay in California, but they fly out too early on Sunday. I was gonna try and organize practice to get like a bunch of open guys together and then the juniors. But yeah, they got a head back cause they're actually, the juniors are going to Tahiti for oh

Kelly Schwartz (10:24):

Really? What race

Ryland Hart (10:24):

Is that? Yeah. It's um, well the, the open race goes from Papa, et around Moray and back it's like, uh, 60 miles or something like that. Okay. Something super crazy. But the junior race is like a 15 mile iron race. Um, so we're just gonna send 'em for that. Uh, the open team's not, I, I think a lot of the guys are sort of just, um, okay. Focused on other things. So we, we have our iron champs instead that we're more keen on.

Kelly Schwartz (10:51):

Uh oh, that's, that's cool that they get that chance to go to go to Tahiti.

Ryland Hart (10:55):

That'll be cool. We're sending, we're sending two junior crews actually down for that. Oh,

Kelly Schwartz (10:59):

Huge. Cool. Yeah.

Ryland Hart (11:00):

We have our, like the boys that are coming to iron champs. So like some of the more top, uh, competitive guys we have. And then we also have a younger crew with a lot more of like, uh, 16 year olds.

Kelly Schwartz (11:10):

Yeah, yeah. Yeah. That'll

Ryland Hart (11:11):

Be cool to see where they're at. They've been, those kids are training hard <laugh> they push me.

Kelly Schwartz (11:16):

So is this the, uh, team that, that miles is coaching?

Ryland Hart (11:21):

Um, the one up from that, so okay. Okay. The ones who come with me and the open guys.

Kelly Schwartz (11:26):

Yeah, yeah, yeah. Okay.

Ryland Hart (11:28):


Kelly Schwartz (11:28):

Well that's cool.

Ryland Hart (11:29):

It'll be cool. And actually there's, there's some of the guys that miles was coaching that kind of bridged the gap. So they're kind of bouncing back and forth between the open guys and the young guys, which has been cool to actually see the, uh, the development of their leadership skills come, cuz they'll come with us. And then they're like the bottom man on the totem bold. Right, right. Soak it up like the sponge. And then they go back to their group and they're like so excited to share all the new information that we've been teaching them. And oh, colo said, do it like this. You all have to do it this way. <laugh> so they're all fired up.

Kelly Schwartz (11:59):

You guys, Kala is law, no matter what he says.

Ryland Hart (12:02):

Yeah. So he's, he's our old wise man.

Kelly Schwartz (12:05):

<laugh> um, is that the race that know him is also in Tahiti for right now? Or he's staying, staying through to, to like,

Ryland Hart (12:14):

He's he Noah's doing Tato. I don't know. Apparently he's down there for, I don't even know how long he's staying. He's there for like five or six weeks. I think that

Kelly Schwartz (12:21):

Like a week ago.

Ryland Hart (12:22):

Yeah. Um, I mean he knows, he, he know he is, he needs to get acclimated. Uh, he definitely was worried about the temperature. So I think it's good. He's down there for a couple weeks to get used to that. Cause opposed to Santa Cruz, it is quite hot <laugh>

Kelly Schwartz (12:36):


Ryland Hart (12:37):

Yeah. So good thing. He is down there and then he, he got to do this, uh, the little race they had, not even that little, there was a lot of top guys there, so, um, but he got to do that to just get gauge as to yeah. How he is gonna feel in the race and just sort of who he should expect to be battling. So I'm excited for him. I think it'll be good.

Kelly Schwartz (12:52):


Ryland Hart (12:53):

Cool. Good for him. You know, he's been training real hard and yeah.

Kelly Schwartz (12:57):

Maybe his hair might slow him down, but it's okay.

Ryland Hart (13:00):

Dude. I was telling him last night I was like, come on. No, if you shave it, you won't be as hot,

Kelly Schwartz (13:05):


Ryland Hart (13:05):

Much faster into it. Cause he's sending me, he was sending me photos of the, he was staying with like braiding it. Cause they're trying to find a way to get it out of his face. Oh my gosh. Just shave it.

Kelly Schwartz (13:16):

Yeah. And it's like,

Ryland Hart (13:16):

No way. No, no. I dunno. I think maybe we should, we should put up like an Instagram post and like if it gets like 300 likes, no mess to shave his head or something.

Kelly Schwartz (13:26):

Yes. <laugh>

Ryland Hart (13:29):

I'm into it.

Kelly Schwartz (13:30):

Gosh, no that's that's the thing. That's gonna be it <laugh>

Ryland Hart (13:34):


Kelly Schwartz (13:35):


Ryland Hart (13:36):

<laugh> um, yeah, but how, how have things been going over there? I mean, it looks like you guys have been like full on racing. Again, been fun to watch on

Kelly Schwartz (13:43):

Racing. What? Uh, so June had a race in every week, every weekend. So four back to back races, this weekend's iron champs and then everyone including you like go up to the Gorge in two weeks and up there for two weeks and then come back and we have the, the three, um, the three nine man races, Dana Oceanside and, and Catalina. But um, mm-hmm <affirmative> yeah. Oh we have Friday night brights coming out. It's your dad's favorite

Ryland Hart (14:15):

Brights. I saw that again. That was always fun.

Kelly Schwartz (14:18):

July 1st, Friday night brights at NAAC. It's the Friday night brights patriotic lights. So

Ryland Hart (14:24):

I'll be there. Maybe I'll come down cause I'll be red,

Kelly Schwartz (14:27):

White and blue. Yeah. So it's 20 bucks and that includes like the TK, your dinner at the TK burger truck. And it's just like a three mile race, everyone kind of races, something crazy or something they haven't really raced before and they just go out and float around.

Ryland Hart (14:41):

Yeah. My dad, when we did it last time, my dad did it on a floater. Yeah. Like, like a 10, six stand up. And he, I think after that said he doesn't really ever want a paddle a stand up again.

Kelly Schwartz (14:53):

I think he was our poster child for that, for that for a while. Should be. That was our, that was our ad. Should, um, speaking of a race, speaking of a race that like you've never done before, have you heard what Micah's doing right now? Micah Scott.

Ryland Hart (15:05):

I have, uh, I don't, I don't know if I have any desire to do any of those, like long. Uh, what, how long is the Yukon? It's

Kelly Schwartz (15:15):

Four. I don't think Micah had any desire to want to do this. <laugh> I'm just kidding that he's having a great time. Uh, yeah. It's the Yukon four 40, the Yukon request it's called, um, on their website. They say it's the race to the midnight sun. I saw a picture like Jimmy Tarrell who kind of put the team together. It's team quick blade. Yeah. He posted a picture of like 9:00 PM and it looked like it does now at 3:00 PM, but crazy. The race is called race to the midnight sun. Um, on their website. It also says it's the world's toughest and alluring marathon paddling race. It's a 444 miles from white horse to Dawson city Yukon. Wow. And they're doing it in a four person boat that Jimmy Terell, uh, built like

Ryland Hart (16:11):

A yeah. Wood layup, the wood,

Kelly Schwartz (16:12):

Wood layup, strip, canoe, a C4. Ah, um, you can track them. The race started today and I think it goes till Friday. So they like, they definitely camp overnight somewhere. There's like check-in points that you have to hit, um,

Ryland Hart (16:32):

Think, oh, so you okay?

Kelly Schwartz (16:33):

Yeah. Is what I, my understanding gen Jen, Frisky's also done this race, uh, solo in a, in a marathon canoe, but um, yeah. So there are specific, uh, checkpoints. They have to hit, I believe. Um, yeah. Yeah. There's checkpoints, um, monitoring points. So it looks like right now they're just getting to a checkpoint at Joe Creek is where their team one 20 on this little tracker thing.

Ryland Hart (17:06):

Um, that's a good number.

Kelly Schwartz (17:08):

Yeah. Yeah. But it, but it's him, it's Jimmy. Terell Micah. Um, Travis grant

Ryland Hart (17:15):


Kelly Schwartz (17:16):

And Chris Parker. Yeah.

Ryland Hart (17:18):

Yeah. So Kalan I were this morning, we got home from practice and he was in the kitchen making breakfast and I was just kinda sitting on my phone and I ended up on Jimmy's uh, story. And there was a video of Micah jumping around on the trampoline and we were just, we were both just laughing. We were like, I'll call Michael

Kelly Schwartz (17:38):

About to 4,440 miles.

Ryland Hart (17:41):

Yeah. That's a, that's a good fun crew. I think they'll, you know, have good energy and you know, they all, they all have their, their definite strengths. Uh yep. You know, so yep. That'll be, I think they'll do well. And

Kelly Schwartz (17:52):

They should, they should they'll do well. They'll have fun. They have to have everything with them in their canoe, like their sleeping bags, uh, like their food, their waters, like everything has to be with them. But I still think they have like a truck that like is their safety or like their, I don't know, just a backup if they need anything, but I just don't know how often they're able to like get to that

Ryland Hart (18:14):

Truck or anything. Yeah. It's a lot of those places, like from what I've heard, they people have to like, uh, like hike down through the woods to get to the river. So it's like, you can't like, you can't really plan where you're gonna meet someone. You just hope that like the truck drives far enough ahead and gets the river in time. Yep. For you to pass. Um, yep. So that's why they have, I think these designated checkpoints, cause a lot of people can't really run safety if they like, dunno what they're doing or right. And it's like, that's bear country up there, you know?

Kelly Schwartz (18:41):

Right. It says on their website. Also, if that, if you do not have strong paddling skills, wilderness experience and the ability to be completely self-sufficient for 24 hours, you should seriously consider reconsider paddling this race this year. I don't know if I like Jimmy Austin has wilderness experience, but can he be self-sufficient for 24 hours?

Speaker 5 (19:12):

Josh? I need a little bit of help. I think I've developed some type of amnesia. Uh, how long have we known each other?

Speaker 6 (19:17):

Andrew we've known each other, our entire lives. Did

Speaker 5 (19:19):

I leave my job to come work with you at a startup company called monic

Speaker 6 (19:23):

Golf? You absolutely did. You're an idiot.

Speaker 5 (19:25):

Oh geez. Uh, did we start a podcast?

Speaker 6 (19:27):

We did. Andrew

Speaker 5 (19:28):

What's. What's the name of the podcast?

Speaker 6 (19:30):

Tee box talk baby.

Speaker 5 (19:31):

Do we laugh? Making tee

Speaker 6 (19:33):

Box talk, Andrew, we never stop laughing.

Speaker 5 (19:35):

Do you think the audience would

Speaker 6 (19:36):

Laugh? I hope so because I just spent our money on podcasting equipment.

Speaker 5 (19:40):

Starting to sound like you are the idiot here.

Speaker 7 (19:42):


Speaker 6 (19:44):

Well, you're just gonna have to find out Andrew, every Thursday we're releasing our episodes on all major podcasting platforms, tune

Speaker 5 (19:50):

In each week for golf laughs. Life and more.

Kelly Schwartz (19:56):


Ryland Hart (19:57):

I don't know if I, I don't know if I kick off any of those three boxes alone. All three <laugh> like I definitely am not self. Definitely not. Self-sufficient for 24 hours, 24

Kelly Schwartz (20:07):


Ryland Hart (20:08):

I mean, I've been in the wilderness. I don't know if I have wilderness experience.

Kelly Schwartz (20:13):

Micah is super self-sufficient but

Ryland Hart (20:15):

The wilderness

Kelly Schwartz (20:16):

Experience is what kills me

Ryland Hart (20:18):

<laugh> oh, but no, that's awesome. I'm super stoked at doing it. I talked to tra a couple weeks ago about him going up and he was like, yeah, you know, I, uh, I just got a call and I guess I'm doing it. You know, like he didn't really, I don't think he trained much for it, but I don't think he really, like, there's not much you can train, especially if they're just like doing it. I don't know if those guys are trying to win, but

Kelly Schwartz (20:37):

Well, they're in, they're in the they're they're up there. They're winning at first. I thought they were not winning. And then I realized my map tracker was upside down and I was extremely concerned, but it looks like they're <laugh>. I was like, why are you guys at the back anyway? They're in the front. And uh, I just don't know which way the Yukon flows, I guess. But yeah, so they just checked into a champ site at Joe Creek and their next check-in point is in 44 kilometers, which is like,

Ryland Hart (21:10):

Well, I'm not actually five 30 miles. I think,

Kelly Schwartz (21:12):

You know, I'm not even gonna say because 27 miles. Yes. So like, oh, how's

Ryland Hart (21:16):

You guess? 25 to 30,

Kelly Schwartz (21:17):

Right, right. Said 27, 27. Gosh. So it's, it's up there, you know, I guess 30 miles at a time. Um, oh,

Ryland Hart (21:27):

I just, I, well, for me personally, I like, you know, I like long races. Like I like the 3, 4, 5 hour races, but then once you get above that, they're like, I just, I don't know if I have the patience.

Kelly Schwartz (21:42):

Right. It's a whole nother type of racing, right? Yeah. Like it's like its a whole other type of like training, you know, it's not just, you're not just training you're for, for paddling. You're training to like run away from bears and

Ryland Hart (21:58):

Stuff. Cause they're not necessarily going the fastest, you know, they're not like they're just trying to be efficient. Yeah. And like just keep it moving. Yeah. Uh, because they're gonna do it for the next seven days, you know <laugh> but I don't know. Good on them. I'm stoked to watch and you know yeah. Yeah. So that'll be, that'll be cool.

Kelly Schwartz (22:21):

It says that the um, the flow levels this year, like the water is extremely high. I guess the last week they've had some really heavy rain and the water levels in the Yukon are super high, fast flowing water, floating debris. So not only are you dodging bears in the snow because it's cold, you have debris that you were also dodging

Ryland Hart (22:44):

Giant logs and stuff, giant

Kelly Schwartz (22:47):


Ryland Hart (22:48):

You hope that a beaver didn't beat you to it. So you have to like, mm-hmm, <affirmative> hook it over at dam or something.

Kelly Schwartz (22:55):

We've now have portages

Ryland Hart (22:58):

You know

Kelly Schwartz (22:58):

What, I, I honestly cannot wait to hear about this.

Ryland Hart (23:04):

Like yeah. I was, I was pretty bummed when I heard Michael wasn't gonna be at the iron champs.

Kelly Schwartz (23:11):

Iron champs. Yeah.

Ryland Hart (23:12):

Yeah. But uh, this will be worth it for the stories that come out of it for sure.

Kelly Schwartz (23:17):


Ryland Hart (23:18):

Yeah. I mean,

Kelly Schwartz (23:20):

There's gonna be some, there's definitely gonna be some stories.

Ryland Hart (23:23):

I feel like his whole job is just comedic relief the entire way down the river.

Kelly Schwartz (23:29):

Well, if you look at, if you go onto like the racers, they all put like their, um, they're all on the, the Yukon website. Right. Okay. And, um, everyone's got their own little bio and Mike is, is like just wanna come clean on a bit. And I was like, oh, come on, get rid <laugh>. Um, but yeah, no, that's, that's gonna be super cool to hear about. And you know, maybe we'll get Jimmy Terell on here to talk about it. Cause we'll get the real inside scoop on everything going on.

Ryland Hart (23:59):

He'll definitely give you the full story too. Not, not Mike is like ah,

Kelly Schwartz (24:03):

Yeah, yeah, yeah. <laugh> so

Ryland Hart (24:07):

Yeah, that's awesome.

Kelly Schwartz (24:12):

I do have some listener questions that have come in.

Ryland Hart (24:16):

Okay. These are my favorite.

Kelly Schwartz (24:18):

Okay. Um, what is a favorite? They said lessons like pat, you know, what's a favorite lesson that you've learned from various coaches over the years.

Ryland Hart (24:30):

I definitely have a couple. Um, but like in general, just like a life lesson that I've learned. And I, it was definitely like spoken, but it more was just like how they carry themselves from Danny and Josh just like, yeah. Being like quiet and also the toughest one in the room. They're not necessarily the quietest, but like about, about their hard work, you know, like they're yeah. They're like, um, you know, you don't, you don't need to tell everybody you're out working them, but you definitely need to be the toughest and hardest working in the room if you wanna succeed in anything. So I've definitely tried to carry that with me. And then, yeah. Um, also just like from Johnny and all my time spent with him, uh, just, he really like, Johnny's all about tough love and he gives me a lot of like,

Kelly Schwartz (25:25):

Isn't he though?

Ryland Hart (25:26):

<laugh> that like, uh, that there's always someone better and faster than me, so that's why I should keep going. And I'm like, well, you're right. So it's definitely like motivation. Cause I mean, sometimes I don't know, you end up in these pools or whatever and like, you're not like maybe you're not challenged all the time, but then you gotta like have perspective and be like, well look, I gotta, there's always someone faster and better. Uh, yep. So I gotta just keep pushing and finding new limits and new ways to go faster. So that's sort of a good one. Uh, and just a big thing I've been trying to teach recently is to, especially cuz I'm coaching a lot of like younger people now and coach like kids and trying to like help them. Not only be good paddlers, but also like they're getting ready to go to college and stuff like how to be good humans.

Ryland Hart (26:04):

Uh, and so like, uh, we always phrase it as like be the dumbest person in the room as in like don't be afraid to ask questions and don't be afraid of what you don't know because you know, if you don't ask the question, you'll never learn it. So that's sort of the big thing I'm trying to teach because I've realized as a coach now, like a lot of like what you're teaching, you're kind of like, you're not guessing cuz you know what you're teaching, but you're like guessing what you think they need to know. Right. And you don't know what they need to know if they don't ask right. How they're gonna

Kelly Schwartz (26:33):

Interpret it or what they're thinking. Yeah. Or like totally when the 16 year old kid's looking at you like mm. Which is like, yeah, half of miles is paddling career with me, but <laugh>

Ryland Hart (26:47):

Yeah. So I've, I've been big on, on teaching. Uh, you know, don't be afraid to be curious and ask questions and that kind there truly are no dumb questions. What you, what's your, what's your favorite lesson?

Kelly Schwartz (27:03):

I don't know. I guess like one thing I've learned through paddling and I guess it's more of a life lesson, like how we were talking about and it's through just, just like with Billy, like if you want something done, just do it. You know, mm-hmm <affirmative> I can't wait for somebody else to come R my bow. I can't wait for someone else to come load my trailer or you know,

Ryland Hart (27:25):

Nope. Move it.

Kelly Schwartz (27:26):

<laugh> so like, I don't know. And that's a tough lesson actually. And now it's coming back to bite me in the butt and Malia's trying to like snap me out of it a little bit. Yeah. You know, like, no, Kelly, you have two kids, you have one on each chip, you can't climb the trailer to tie it down. Like someone else needs to do it. Mm-hmm <affirmative> and I'm like, okay. Yeah. Okay. Someone else will do it. You know?

Ryland Hart (27:45):

Yeah. I I'm at a similar place. I, I tend to, um, I'm not, I try to be patient, but I'm not the most patient person. Right. And so like I have a hard time delegating and giving away responsibility because I just like wanted done and I like pretty particular about how it's done. Yeah. And so I don't give, and so I that's, my new thing I've been working on is like, okay, I need to hand out responsibilities to other people, you know? Cause I can do everything. But my issue is like, I'll like hand off two responsibilities and then I'll take on four more.

Kelly Schwartz (28:13):

Right, right. Right.

Ryland Hart (28:13):

So it's like just, it's just growing still. Yeah.

Kelly Schwartz (28:17):

And that, so, and that's, and that's how I also like came in to be driving like all the escort boats for the men's races was because yeah. I wanted to stay the night in Catalina, but I didn't have a way home. And Sam would only put me on an escort boat or anybody on an escort boat if they weren't racing, if they were driving it. So like, I was just like, no, I can drive it. Don't worry. I can drive it. I'll I'll do I'll do the escort boat. No, that's

Ryland Hart (28:41):

Me good. Yeah.

Kelly Schwartz (28:42):

Yeah. <laugh> and then like it turned into like my favorite thing and it was just something that like a lesson, I don't know, just like being self-sufficient, you know, and being able to take care of myself that way I could take care of others. So

Ryland Hart (28:54):

Good. Yeah. Yeah. It's a good feeling knowing you can get it done, you know?

Kelly Schwartz (29:00):

Right, right.

Ryland Hart (29:02):

Like when you stand back and you look at, you know, all the stuff you've actually accomplished and everybody's like, they said, I couldn't do it. Like

Kelly Schwartz (29:08):

Then I couldn't do it.

Ryland Hart (29:09):

But yeah,

Kelly Schwartz (29:11):

That trailer turned back it itself in itself. So

Ryland Hart (29:14):

<laugh> yeah. You should have seen we just, so we just got a new, uh, Bradley for our junior boys. Uh, yeah.

Ryland Hart (29:21):

Uh, so we went and me and Kala, we picked it up from sunny. Bradley's like warehouse, which is like way in the back of like KA O hay kind of area. Oh. And I was quite impressed with, with, with collage trailer driving. I will say you guys taught him. Well, he, like, I was, I was kinda waving him in, but he had to do it and like up this, like sunny he down or he calls us and is like, Hey, your, your truck had four wheel drive. Right. <laugh> uh, yeah. And so he has to like up this like pretty steep grade with the trailer go up. Yeah. And then like turn up this like asphalt thing and then back it down into this thing, that's like just wide enough for the trailer. So he has to like turn it in there. Yeah. And got it. And then we had the one before the six man, and then he yeah. Took it home, but I was like, oh yeah. Kala.

Kelly Schwartz (30:09):

Nah. Yeah. Kala is law man.

Ryland Hart (30:12):

Yeah. He's he's doing schoolwork right now. Yeah.

Kelly Schwartz (30:15):

<laugh> so I learned, I learned how to drive, stick, shift in yeah. Collage car. Cuz he would leave to go train in Hawaii for like a week at a time and he'd always leave his car in the back of NAC. And I knew his stick shift and he'd always left the keys, like in the gas cap or in the office. Cause we, whenever we left a car there, the keys were easily accessible if we needed to move it. Yeah. And so I would be like, I'm just gonna go teach myself how to drive six shift in colos car. And I would go for like half hour at a time, just in the dirt lot there in the parking lot. And everyone would see me stalling and try to go stalling and try to go. Yeah. And then like one day Dave Kruger got in the car, he's like, I'm gonna teach you. I'm gonna teach you and we're gonna get this done. I'm sick and tired of watching drive circles. <laugh>

Ryland Hart (30:57):

Leave it up to Dave.

Kelly Schwartz (30:59):

Yeah. I'm like, okay. Yes. We're going on the real road. I'm like, I'm not ready. I'm not ready for this <laugh>

Ryland Hart (31:04):

Oh Dave,

Kelly Schwartz (31:05):

Thanks for the Jeep claw. <laugh> whether he knew it or not.

Ryland Hart (31:11):

Yeah. Yeah. It doesn't doesn't know won't kill him.

Kelly Schwartz (31:15):

<laugh> yeah.

Ryland Hart (31:16):


Kelly Schwartz (31:18):


Ryland Hart (31:18):

That guy,

Kelly Schwartz (31:19):

I guess, I guess a lesson just as paddling wise, not just like life lesson though, like paddling through that I've learned is just like, don't you can't doubt yourself, you know? Cuz like, cause like

Ryland Hart (31:32):


Kelly Schwartz (31:33):

No matter if you think you're tired, you know, if you're in a six man and you're like, oh fuck, I'm tired. Like there's five other people in there with you, you know? And they're probably tired too. But if you show that your, your weakness is just gonna bring the boat down, so you just can't doubt yourself or get in that mindset. And yeah, it's more of a mental thing. And you know, I always remember like watching Sam race and he was just always coughing and you know, blood was coming up or whatever SL was coming up for his cystic fibro. And I was like, well shit, mm-hmm <affirmative> if he's gonna do this race, I guess I'm gonna do this race <laugh>

Ryland Hart (32:04):


Kelly Schwartz (32:04):

You know, like, yeah. So that's,

Ryland Hart (32:07):


Kelly Schwartz (32:08):

Not doubting yourself and always, you know, staying strong

Ryland Hart (32:12):

<laugh> yeah. I've been, I've been preaching that pretty hard to our team cuz it's especially once you start moving sort of at the higher speeds. Yeah. It's so delicate, you know? Yeah. That like one, like body movement off mm-hmm <affirmative> or like, I don't know, even like you move your elbow weird, like it shakes the canoe and it's slow down,

Kelly Schwartz (32:29):

Especially in, in the lighter boats.

Ryland Hart (32:31):

Yeah. And we, so cuz we were training matinas for quite a bit, just getting the juniors used to it, us used to it and like really learning that canoe. And then, because we're going to iron chance, we switched back into the Moola the last couple, couple weeks and we felt it. Cause, cause Martin has definitely a little more like momentum to it. So you can kind of get a little away with it, but the lighter can you really gotta shift. So it's like not even like to go a step beyond what you're just saying is what I've been teaching is like, you have to obviously trust yourself and like mentally you have to. I like I tell my guys, like they have to be Bulletproof pretty much like you can't like doubt yourself, but it's also like now I'm like, you gotta trust the others that they're gonna do, do their work too.

Ryland Hart (33:06):

Right. Cause if you start doubting your teammates, that's when it falls out. So it's like a lot of times in the canoe. Cause I, I, and I do most of the talking in the boat, it's that's all just like trust, trust each other, you know? Like I got you, you know? And it's once you find that level of confidence, not only in yourself, but in each other it's that's when you sort of get in the whole, like, I don't know, the canoe almost feels like you can't slow it down, you know? Like yeah. That's, it's a pretty cool feeling. Yeah. Yeah. Totally trust in yourself and your teammates, you know? Cause it's and nothing, nothing works if you know, you don't trust someone or if like you don't, I dunno. That's when you get like clogs in the chain and it's not gonna yeah. Not gonna function.

Kelly Schwartz (33:46):

Right. Right.

Ryland Hart (33:48):

How's the, I saw you guys have been the NAAC team, like especially your men's team's been kind of mixed up this year. Yeah.

Kelly Schwartz (33:54):

Yeah. Cause everyone's got different schedules. No <laugh> um, yeah. I mean, okay. So what last race? Uh, you know, Brent came back for the first time in a while mm-hmm <affirmative> or I guess he did marina, but he's just been, you know, busy. Um,

Ryland Hart (34:09):

He heard his leg, correct.

Kelly Schwartz (34:11):

He Tores ACL and he was like out for the first half of season. Um, and then, so they just keep going back and forth with qui you know, some, some races it's Laquila some races it's C men. Um, yeah. <affirmative> yeah, but I guess this, this race will also be different for NAAC because Nico and Ryan are already on their way to Tahiti.

Ryland Hart (34:40):

Yeah. I saw that. It's good for them. I definitely. So for them going in, in a try out that race cause they, they did tie out to last year or no. Yep,

Kelly Schwartz (34:49):


Ryland Hart (34:49):


Kelly Schwartz (34:51):

Yeah, yeah. They definitely did Tato. They also did, uh, TA AOA

Ryland Hart (34:56):

Or oh yeah, yeah, yeah.

Kelly Schwartz (35:00):

Um, yeah. We interviewed Ryan right after, right after that race.

Ryland Hart (35:04):

I remember that.

Kelly Schwartz (35:04):

Yeah. Um, awesome. Yeah. So they did that and then, but we still, like, we have a, like, we still have like surprisingly cause NACS never had like a lot of, um, like we haven't had really more than like two or three boats at men's practice, but they're consistently having like, you know, three boats at, at men's practice and our women's team. We have like six boats, which is like driving me crazy. You know, there's so many people

Ryland Hart (35:30):

Is good though. The

Kelly Schwartz (35:32):

It's so much fun. It's a lot more fun with more people, you

Ryland Hart (35:35):

Know? Yeah. Yeah. And it, it just helps keep things like a little more competitive and yeah. Keep things fresh. Cause you can mix it up a lot more. I'll call Danny sometimes. Cause we, we still keep in touch and like we, cause we're both trying to like obviously go faster. So we're like inventing new techniques stuff and like, Hey, I'm played with this. How do you try it? Blah, blah. And so, right, right. I'll call him and be like, yeah, it was practice. We had like two boats this morning. Cause it's just us and the juniors. Yeah. And he'll be like, I had 14 canoes last night. Oh my God. He get, so I was like, I don't know how you do it, Danny. That's

Kelly Schwartz (36:06):

I don't. I talked to Danny during the week more than I actually, I definitely text Danny more than I text Bruce. I get all times <laugh> because yeah. Yeah. All we're doing is, is constantly either I'm telling him I have this canoe available. He's asking if I have a canoe available or I'm like saying, okay, I'm gonna check if I have this. Or he's sometimes he's just randomly texting me like, Hey, are you breathing today? How are you doing? <laugh> like, I'm like, I'm struggling, Danny. I'll see you at the race. <laugh> but yeah. Cause just cuz he has so many, you guys have so many people at Laquila that

Ryland Hart (36:43):

Yeah. It's

Kelly Schwartz (36:44):

So many boats, two trailers worth. I don't wanna, I don't wanna like put words in my mouth and say that it's the largest team like numbers wise in score. Cause I know that Dana is also really large. Um, and Kahaka I believe, but I definitely do think that lo Kela has the most people, at least they definitely have the most novice teams, like the most novice crews

Ryland Hart (37:07):


Kelly Schwartz (37:07):

Wise out there.

Ryland Hart (37:08):

Well, I mean historically from just, they might have just always said this, but I mean Al's always preached that qui we were one of like the biggest clubs on the, just we have the so many people and active members. There was a, like, there was a point in time when we had 500 active members of club, like, which like from KKI all the way to Goldens, like insane.

Kelly Schwartz (37:30):

That's the number of members total at the new port aquatic center. Like, like boat storage people like yeah. Everybody and not the junior row team, but that's huge.

Ryland Hart (37:43):

Yeah. And so I gotta, I gotta give it up to Danny and Jill, especially as I've into like a coaching position, just like they're so good at like making that many people feel valued, you know, like to keep coming back and like telling their friends like, Hey, join this awesome club. Like they're gonna in shape. They're gonna have fun. You're gonna meet so many people. And it's why it's keep growing is just cuz they have this infectious culture of just like supporting each other, which is, it's a beautiful thing to see. And it's, it's inspiring to try and recreate that, but it's definitely, definitely admirable. I

Kelly Schwartz (38:12):

Right. I don't and I don't think it's something that can just be like recreated because it's just got so much history that like it stays so strong, you know, it's hard to replicate that sense, that sense of like history that, that club that impact has had on king Harbor and that community there in Redondo.

Ryland Hart (38:30):

Yeah. Um it's yeah. And it's a, I know they've been going through struggles. I know, I think he king Harbor's trying to like, um, revamp or remodel and stuff and yeah, there's a lot of community pushback I think, to take over where the canoe club is. And so, um, I think we've been trying to promote it out to SCO, but to try and like get a lot of the other neighboring clubs to sort of help him like, Hey, no, like they do a good thing and like there's this big club and we do all this stuff. So it's um, it's cool to see. I know we had a town hall, they had a town hall meeting and think about a month ago they filled the courtroom fully of qui jerseys and people were standing in the back. So at least the, yeah, the jury, the, uh, people saw. Yeah. So we gotta keep that, that fight going cuz uh, what qui does is definitely it's definitely special.

Kelly Schwartz (39:19):

Yeah, no, definitely.

Ryland Hart (39:20):

Uh, I'm ex I'm excited. I get to go home for the first time in a while and actually beat home. I think I'm gonna be in California for about three weeks before the Gorge. So that's so cool. Get to spend some time in my old stomping grounds.

Kelly Schwartz (39:31):

Yeah. Yeah. And then when are, when are you going up to the Gorge?

Ryland Hart (39:36):

Um, the 11th. So the Monday.

Kelly Schwartz (39:39):


Ryland Hart (39:40):

Okay. Yeah. Um, yeah, we got the pool of care team coming up. We got Jimmy and all the boys. Um, I know. Yeah, it'll be so fun. Uh, for all of us coming out from Hawaii are pretty excited and I mean, it's gotta be everybody's favorite race.

Kelly Schwartz (39:57):

I know

Ryland Hart (39:58):

It's so I dunno anybody who like doesn't like it it's I had a I'm to my I'm getting close with a lot of the guys who like our foiler out here. I don't know if you guys know the voyage or foiler crew. I don't, um, there's a, a group of guys who got really into foiling and stand up foiling and stuff like that. So they've been pushing the downward stuff and called my buddies, just went to the Gorge for the first time. Right. Uh, and they were, and they're

Kelly Schwartz (40:21):

Like never coming home.

Ryland Hart (40:22):

<laugh> they're like, oh my goodness. This is, yeah, this is paddler heaven. Yeah. I was like, it really is like, I can't wait. And it sounds like we're gonna have some really good competition this year. I mean, there's always really good competition.

Kelly Schwartz (40:33):

Right, right, right, right.

Ryland Hart (40:35):

But I know there's some Tahiti guys coming out and yeah. So Hawaii guys coming strong and a Danny and all the SoCal guys are always strong up there. So it'll be exciting. I think, at least for me it'll be the most competitive race we've had this year other than maybe COI, but right. Yeah. So I've gotten pretty excited. I've been,

Kelly Schwartz (40:56):

Do, do you have a, do you have a favorite run? Cause I know that like they break, you know, there's different runs to break down. Like, do you have a favorite portion of the race or is it just like the whole race, but if there is a portion that sticks out to you,

Ryland Hart (41:09):

Definitely more the race course. Um, I think it's from like, um, like honestly from veto down is I think probably the best section. Yeah. But when it, when the winds go a little more and I'm trying to remember the angle, whatever it did last year, I think it was more south. Um, the first, the start of the race was better. It was a better angle. Okay. Um, which is why there's that long flat spot because normally it's pretty, uh, west to east. Um okay. But it had a little bit of south in it, which is why it was getting blocked and it wasn't like there were a lot of sections that would go flat or blow criscros. Yeah. Um, so that section where the start is, I think that's home valley right. Where we start.

Kelly Schwartz (41:48):

I think so. Yeah.

Ryland Hart (41:49):

So from home valley down that also gets really lined up if it goes a little more south, I think. Um, but yeah, I mean consistently from, from like veto down, it's usually the, the bass where it gets super stacky I think. And just the most fun. Yeah. Yeah. I'm pretty excited. Especially cuz since last year at the Gorge, we were still all pretty fresh on our, uh, we were all playing with the Valari. Uh, but we put

Kelly Schwartz (42:14):

In a lot. Yeah. It was like new news

Ryland Hart (42:15):

On it. Yeah. We've put a lot of time on it this year, just getting, uh, just getting used to it and stuff. So I'm really excited to see how it performs and then to see how some of our lighter people do on the Canari up there. I'm pretty, pretty interested to see we have this young kid I've been training out. Uh Kahu Kai Wyat, uh, egg bird. He's

Kelly Schwartz (42:34):

13. Yes.

Ryland Hart (42:35):

And he's

Kelly Schwartz (42:35):

The newest PKE ambassador

Ryland Hart (42:38):

<laugh> he is little kids, a hammer. He's a, so he's pretty fired up. We did a little like, um, film day, a couple days ago and we went around uh, ma CAPTA, Hawaii, Kai, and the kid can surf is the 13th. The kid can surf. So I'm really excited to see how he does up there. And I told him, just go and take, take down as many old guys as he can, you know?

Kelly Schwartz (43:00):


Ryland Hart (43:01):

Yeah. That'd be fun to see. I just I'm excited and it's fun.

Kelly Schwartz (43:05):

Well, it's cool that he is gonna get that opportunity to travel and race that race at 13, like what? At 13, I was still like stuck in a volleyball gym, like trying to go to Anaheim, like please lemme go to Anaheim. Like <laugh> but

Ryland Hart (43:21):

All that's at 13. I was definitely, I was definitely paddling quite a bit by 13, but I was definitely not. Oh yeah. Traveling per se like that.

Kelly Schwartz (43:29):

I didn't start paddling until I was 15, I think late. Yeah. Mm-hmm <affirmative> I just didn't want to run track and ma way track. Malia was paddling. Cause it's like, you know, her diapers or whatever. And so she's like, oh, you should just come paddle don't run track. And I was like, oh, okay. And then I never went back. I quit bat. I quit volleyball. I just went straight to battling. I still played basketball. Yeah. Cause it was fun, but

Ryland Hart (44:02):


Kelly Schwartz (44:02):

Uh, oh wait, are you coming out? I know, I remember what it was. Are you <laugh> are you coming out for the PKE Waterman camp? Are you still gonna be here?

Ryland Hart (44:13):

I don't think I will be. What are the dates on it again?

Kelly Schwartz (44:16):

Oh, putting me on the spot here brother. Come on. <laugh> August 8th. It's so the junior Waterman PKE camp is August 8th through August 12th and then the juniors get to race the Whitey nine man on the 13th. Yeah. So the idea is that do a camp those days at NAAC and they'll learn like boat handling skills, not tying paddling, uh, you know, being coached by Johnny and the guys for paddling, but then also K one C Oneski um, then all the other crafts rowing stuff that we have at N AC. So

Ryland Hart (44:52):

Nice. Yeah. I, I was talking to Johnny A. Little bit about those things cause I, I would love to get involved in that cause I do love teaching and yeah. You know, pushing that, that I, you know, cuz part of being a Waterman is not necessarily just paddling it's, you know, surfing and learning how to be on boat and all that and safety. Yeah. Stuff like that. So I told him, I was like, if are these camps I'd love to get you a part of, so we're still talking about it. Um, I will not still necessarily be in California, but I did mention if I needed to shift things around, I could come back. Okay. Maybe for it or for a couple days. And cool. Maybe that'll be a good excuse to get, uh, Kala, Hui, Kai out for another race, you know? Yeah. Yeah. Um, who knows? We're all, it's always up in the air with us. <laugh> yeah. You know, we just like, we just like racing so last minute things line up we'll we'll we'll jump on it, but right. Yeah. I think I would love to do that. Um, and that's always been a dream of mine is just, you know, getting camps like that and yeah. Helping teach. So, um, yeah. It's it's not confirmed, but it's been being talked about for sure.

Kelly Schwartz (45:56):

<laugh> all right. Well I'm gonna do everything I can to make sure you come over for it because that would be super fun.

Ryland Hart (46:01):

<laugh> yeah.

Kelly Schwartz (46:02):

So yeah. Um, yeah. Well, cool. Thanks for um, hopping on and even without will, we don't need him. We don't need that guy.

Ryland Hart (46:12):

He was trying to play mind games, you know, he doesn't wanna see the competition. He didn't. Yeah. He's you know, he's trying to get in my head, but no we're too. We're too good up here. Danny does the same thing. He'll he'll like two weeks before any race we race against each other. He'll call me a ton like multiple times a day. Text me only time. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Uh, and then like a week out he'll like slowly not. And then like for the last, for the last week I'll like send him something and he just will like, like the message or like not answer his phone. I was like, come on man, come on. You know, this doesn't

Kelly Schwartz (46:46):

Work. Oh, that's so funny.

Ryland Hart (46:48):

I love it though. I love it.

Kelly Schwartz (46:49):

But I can, I can see that <laugh>

Ryland Hart (46:52):

Yeah. We're just so competitive with each other. Right, right. Uh, because I was talking to Johnny about the Gorge. Um, yeah. Cause so, uh, Steve thaw, Tata from Tahiti's going out whose as we all know, like one of the greatest yes. Paddles that are alive still and still one of the fastest. So yep. It'll be just, we were like, wow, this will be a really good test for Danny. And I just see where at. Cause you know, we had co and we were both, you know, pretty fast then, but it's like, okay, are we actually fast in relation? And so he was like, yeah, well like, are you gonna train a bunch for it? I was like, well, yeah, I've been training six man. But then for like three weeks leading up to it, I'll be home. So Danny and I are just gonna go at each other, hammer

Kelly Schwartz (47:30):

It out.

Ryland Hart (47:31):

<laugh> you guys, you guys will be fine going into the race. You're

Kelly Schwartz (47:34):

Gonna kill each other. Yeah. You'll be fine.

Ryland Hart (47:36):

<laugh> yeah. We're just, we're just so competitive with each other. It it's like I'm his little brother,

Kelly Schwartz (47:41):


Ryland Hart (47:41):

He just it's awesome. I love that guy.

Kelly Schwartz (47:44):

Right. Well that's so fun. Well, it's fun to have that rivalry cuz not a lot of people have that, like that rivalry that stays with them, you know like year to year to year, like, um, you know, stuff comes up or they stop paddling or something. So to have like that constant, um, person that you're going up against is nice.

Ryland Hart (48:02):

Yeah. And we just love testing each other and pushing the limits and yeah. He's uh, he definitely brings the best out in me and I try my best to do the same in him.

Kelly Schwartz (48:13):

Right, right. You know,

Ryland Hart (48:16):

So yeah. He's a good guy. Well,

Kelly Schwartz (48:18):

Well cool. Well, I will see you this weekend. Yes. In uh, yes.

Ryland Hart (48:21):

San Diego excited. It's gonna be an awesome time and

Kelly Schwartz (48:24):

Uh, alright, well, thanks for coming on. Yeah. And I will check with you later.

Ryland Hart (48:28):

Yeah. Have a good one.

Kelly Schwartz (48:29):