Cocktails and Canoes

The Hackensack and Chattajack Episode

October 28, 2022 Kelly and Will Episode 51
Cocktails and Canoes
The Hackensack and Chattajack Episode
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We're Off Da Couch and just hackensackin' and chattajackin' over here - making up for radio silence last week. We have a multi-race episode for you!
There's a lot of stuff going on here:
Once again, Will has something to say about his favorite podcast topic: Brent. 
Kelly is overcoming an injury that almost cost them the podcast episode - but she shall prevail. They both reminisce on their past goals and races because now they're just on preschool pickup duty. 

Katie and Wardell Lee are newlyweds with a busy racing schedule but are still committed to putting on one of the best races on the East Coast. The 6th Annual HACK Race on the Hackensack River is on Saturday, October 15th, 2022. This race paddles through a lot of historical landmarks on the Hackensack river. A must-do for anyone looking for something new!

Judson Grey went ham for 31 miles through the Tennessee River Gorge and won the OC1 division at the Chattajack 31 on his Kai Wa'a Draco. He tells us the race strategy he went in with as well as how he prepared mentally for this long-distance race. He's got big goals, and is ready to take on more races. FYI: The Chattajack 31 sells out in MINUTES and is attended by over 500 racers! And yes, they've already announced the 2023 date.
The 12th Annual Chattajack will commence on October 28, 2023 at 8:30AM.
General Registration will open at Midnight EST on May 1st, 2023.


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The Hack Race put on by the Wanda Canoe Club
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